Looking for a human medicine under the Cascade for your pet?

Human medicines are sometimes used in the treatment of animals.

We can sell human medication for veterinary use by phone on receipt of a signed prescription from your vet under the cascade in certain circumstances.

Need a prescription?
We accept either:

A standard veterinary prescription – just ask your vet. They may charge a small fee.

Already got a prescription?
You can send us your prescription by the following:

Upload or Email: Scan or send a photograph of your prescription to or upload it by clicking here:

Upload Veterinary Prescription

Please note: The pharmacy will require a hard copy of the original prescription so once emailed or uploaded copy is received, you will need to post out the original prescriptions.
We verify the authenticity of all prescriptions received with the vet who prescribed them. If we receive a prescription that is invalid, forged or altered, we’ll have no option but to de-activate the sender’s account. Please be aware: it is a criminal offence to alter a prescription and we adopt a zero tolerance approach. Please also note that we can only send prescription medication to the same country that the prescription was issued in.

Post: Please write you order or reference number on top of the prescription and post it out to us.
Please email us on the following email: in order so we can notify you which pharmacy you need to send your original prescription to.